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This is How Smart People Buy & Sell Homes.

iRealty sell for sale by owner Selling your property with a full commission brokerage is not necessary.  We live in the age of technology and it has hit the real estate industry.  The days of the "Listing Book" are over, where you were solely dependent on brokers for the lisitng book.  That listing book is now the MLS that you can have access to and market your own property.  There is no reason in this day and age not to sell on your own unless, you don't want to save money.  Even if you are hesitant about selling your home yourself, with our plan you need not be.  If you can answer calls and do your own showings, iRealty can guide you through the entire process.  With iRealty you will receive the same exposure and counseling as any full commission real estate brokerage, while saving yourself thousands in commission.  iRealty will provide you a yard sign and all the legal documents needed to sell your property.

Where will your property be listed? On the Realtors MLS, national sites and the sites that they power, totaling more than 1500 real estate search web sites. . 

 All Leads passed on to you - we are never the competition

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Submit Forms One Easy Step 

Please complete Listing Packet and the Data Input Form that matches your property type. 

Submit to:
F- #800-372-7079 

*We will use your property description and pictures from the affiliated site.

*All names on deed/married will need to have both signatures/initials on all documents.


1. Listing Packet

Illinois Affiliate Listing Packet

Date Input Form  (Choose Your Property Type Below)

Residential Single Family
2-4 Units
Residential Rental



Municipal Requirements

Illinois Transfer Tax Ordinances

Moving Checklist

State Required Disclosure Brochures:  - (State required guidelines)

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Your work is done! 

 Within 24 - 48 hours of receiving all completed paperwork, your listing will be on the MLS. 
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 The other sites your home will be listed on might take a few days because we have no control of them.  

When you get an offer:

State law requires that we assist you with negotiations and acceptance of all offers. The Buyer or Buyer's Realtor will  send us a copy of the offer.  We will forward them to you. At that point we will discuss the offer and how we are going to proceed.

IRealty Closing Services; $99

iRealty has partnered with reputable and experienced attorneys to provide you the legal services need to complete the real estate sale of your property. iRealty has created a format to work with you from the beginning all the way through to the very end, taking part in all aspects of your transaction. And as always, with iRealty you will be saving money with the sale of your home without compromising quality.

In regards to holding earnest mone: if you use your own attorney.  This should be discussed with them as they should be the party holding earnest money. 

Help selling for sale by owner

Don't tough it out on your own, we are here to help you!

The Flat Fee Brokerage 

By Law what is required of a Flat Fee Brokerage?what is a flat fee brokerage irealty flat fee mls

Illinois Real Estate License Law  (Minimum Services Provision)
Section 15-17. Exclusive Brokerage Agreements. - All exclusive brokerage agreements must specify that the sponsoring broker, through one or more sponsored licensees, must provide, at a minimum, the following services:

1.  Accept delivery of a present to the client offers and counteroffers
to buy, sell, or lease the client’s property or the property the client
seeks to purchase or lease;

2.  Assist the client in developing, communicating negotiating, and flat fee fsbo legal listing irealty flat fee brokerage
presenting offers, counteroffers, and notices that relate to the offers
and counteroffers until a lease or purchase agreement is signed and all
contingencies are satisfied or waived; and

3. Answer  the client’s questions relating to the offers, counteroffers, notices, and contingencies.

Refflat fee for sale by owner irealty flat fee brokerage

The United States Department of Justice

Antitrust Implications of Home Seller Outcomes when
using Flat-Fee Real Estate Agents*

AEI-Joint Center For Regulatory Studie
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